An Introductory Blog

25 May

I have to admit, I’m a little addicted to blogging. I can’t even begin to count what number blog this is that I’ve made. Most of them I don’t keep up with and eventually delete. But this one I plan to stay on top of. With this blog I plan to catalogue my adventures at college. I won’t be going to college until september but I decided to start this blog early after I saw one of my friends (who left for college today!!) had started one. She mentioned it would be a good way to catch up with friends and family.

That might be a good idea, but I mainly just want a diary of sorts to record important things in. Of course, this won’t be a private diary. That’s why I prefer the term catalogue.

Anyways, my first significant post won’t be until June when I leave for orientation. Orientation is only 2 days, but it’s a day of driving one way – so my orientation will technically last 4 days. RIght now, I’m just trying to review my trigonometry so I can take the math placement exam. This is what I get for having a gap year with math. I’ve completely forgotten everything!! Hopefully I make a good enough score to qualify for calculus, though I’ll probably take trig over just for a review.

But my real college plans?? Major wise?? It’s still uncertain. I’m technically listed as majoring in international affairs, but I really love biology and so I’m strongly considering majoring in microbiology. But who knows what the future will hold?? Regardless of my major, I know I’m minoring in Turkish. It’s why I chose Ohio State to begin with. I’m going to learn Turkish and then travel to Istanbul – its been my dream for probably about 3 years.

I also dance and I want to continue that in college. But dancing is expensive and while Ohio State offers non-major dance classes, I’m still limited. So I don’t know how that’ll turn out. Hopefully, well. Hopefully I’ll be able to progress in my dance abilities as much as I want to while not going broke at the same time.

But again, there are so many unknowns right now. Hopefully some of them will be cleared up at orientation. But until then, I can only wait – and day-dream.


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