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College Quilt

27 May

So much for not posting until orientation.
I just wanted to post about my quilt I’ve started planning.

Since I’m going to college in the frozen north (haha) I wanted to make a quilt I could bring with me. It’s going to be 5 feet wide and 8 feet long. It’s HUGE!! But I want it to fit over an extra long twin bed and still have some fabric hanging off.

I started planning out the dimensions of my squares and checking my seam allowances yesterday. I’m making one block in paper first to make sure everything is measured correctly. The technique I want to use involves making a 9×9 square and then cutting it in to quarters. It creates a pretty awesome looking pattern. Here’s the tutorial. But the internet tutorial didn’t account for the extra seam allowances, so i had to figure those out on my own (and I’m not super gifted at math!!).

But I am excited about this quilt. It’s full of bright colors ad fun patterns. The great thing is, it that it’s made out of fabric scraps we already had lying around my house, which means cost will be minimal. The only big expense I’ll have will be buying batting. Today I think I’ll wash all the fabrics I’m going to use. It’s not an extremely necessary step but because I’m mixing different types and weights of fabrics, it will make sewing easier and prevent problems in the future.