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Awesome New Music: Crash Kings

29 May

I don’t know what music has to do with college, but I thought music profiles would be something that would appear on a college blog. I wanted to use to this blog to show support for my latest obsession in the music world. They’re called the Crash Kings.

I was searching iTunes the other night for bands similar to Cage the Elephant and their album popped up. It was released in 2009 but I’m just now finding it. I figure they’re due to release another one soon because I’ve observed, that most musicians release a new album every 2 years or so.

Anyways, what’s unique about the Crash Kings is that they strive to produce a big rock sound without a guitar (alright, they have a bass guitar, but everything else is keyboard and drums.) They use specialized instruments to create and bend sound the way a normal electric guitar would.

I love this album because the music is fun and upbeat sounding (whether the lyrics are or not.) I feel like they’re a strange mixing of Dashboard Confessional, Cage the Elephant, and maybe a little bit of Black Keys thrown in there. But even that description isn’t completely accurate. They do have elements of those bands but they have a sound unique to themselves. And I highly recommend everyone check it out.